Sam & Max: Coming To The Wii

It isnt rare to see PC games being ported to a console, and vice-versa. Usually when ports are released, they arent met with much love or acceptance. Sure theres the occasional hit that is loved by both worlds.

Its this kind of logic that looks to be driving TellTales decision to release the Sam & Max Season 1 on the Wii. On the PC, the new iteration of Sam & Max (the original was a PC game back in 93),is being released in an episodic format. This format seems to be working, as the new Sam & Max series seems to have a pretty strong following. The first season of Sam & Max spawned six episodes, and all six will be available on the Wii when it releases sometime in Q4, 2008.

No details of any kind of Wii functionality, or Wii-exclusive content has been released as of yet. Keep checking in, as soon as any details emerge, Wiiplus will be posting them.


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