New Level-5 Franchise Console-Bound

Over yonder in the Land of the Rising Sun (Tokyo, Japan to be exact), Level-5 (of Dark Cloud 2 and Dragon Quest VIII fame) president Akihiro Hino held a press conference today discussing the company's upcoming plans for Inazuma Eleven franchise. Izanuma Eleven, a sort of Soccer/Role Playing Game hybrid for the DS, marks Level-5's second self-published franchise.

What does any of this have to do with the Wii? Well, towards the end of the conference, Hino revealed that the next installment to the franchise, Izanuma Eleven: Break! is being developed for an undisclosed console. In an interview with Famitsu, President Hino mentioned having an interest in developing on Nintendo's Wii, and that there is indeed a possibility for their new games to debut on Wii.

Do the math, and cross your fingers! Soccer games might be very popular Stateside, but some bizarro Soccer-RPG monster could very easily develop a cult following. Or perhaps I just like Level 5 that much.

Via IGN.


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